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There are no words that can explain the day we had. It was a magic day with everything just perfect. The sun kept us warm, the autumn colours were fantastic and we had a great location that could create an atmosphere of love! Yet a lot of weddings have this and for all couples that marry it is a special day? even so, we think the day became something special that wasn't just about the two of us.

We have the most caring of friends and family that give and not just receive. Funny speeches and shared memories and lots of great food is of course fantastic, but to enjoy the love from you all is another level that can only come out of the right mix of people in one room at the same time. Great wine helps, but we believe it was something else to share this day with all of you!

Our family put in lots of time and effort to prepare the details - bridesmaids sang and personalised the day with their little touches, a sister flew in and played Ave Maria, a mother and sister worked until late at night - all so that things were just right for us. It made us appreciate every single part of it even more.

We spent lots of hours practising the waltz, yet we only got to dance twice with each other. No matter, because we enjoyed the training and learned something together that was so much more than just dancing. I can still hear the teachers voice: "Sara - it is important that you do not drive the dance, like you might do in real life. You have to sit in the passenger seat and listen to the body language of your husband." Hmmm, a lot to be learned from that...

We will never forget this year and the great friends and family we have! We are so happy for your presence that day and all the nice things said. Your warm hugs and kisses will stay close to our hearts forever. We love you all for that!

Enjoy the day again with our photo gallery.

Brian & Sara